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Download CIA World Factbook for eReader
The CIA World Factbook is in the Public Domain [1]. The files offered here have been downloaded from the homepage of the World Factbook and converted by a Perl script and DropBook.exe [2] into eReader format. The .pdb files are not zipped because that would reduce their size only by 5%. Pay attention whether the complete file has been downloaded.
All files are offered without any charge nor warranty on content or format.
You can find some more files from earlier years here (in German).
Send questions and remarks to:

Have fun while looking up, greetings, Burkhard
Download Factbook 2008
With Rank Order Pages
(6.39 MB / 6,710,368 Bytes)
of 2008/03/20
Download Factbook 2008 without pictures
With Rank Order Pages
(2.56 MB / 2,685,097 Bytes)
of 2008/03/20
Download World Factbook Definitions
(dictionary, requires eReader Pro!)
(136 KB / 139,317 Bytes)
of 2008/03/20
Download Factbook 2007
With Rank Order Pages
(6.28 MB / 6,590,599 Bytes)
of 2007/12/13
Download Factbook 2007 without pictures
With Rank Order Pages
(2.48 MB / 2,609,186 Bytes)
of 2007/12/13
Homepage of World Factbook
Homepage of eReader

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